Sunday, January 21, 2018

3 Unique Ways to Study the Scriptures

The scriptures are so fun to me. I love them!

To read them front to back is only one way to study but really I feel like I would miss out if this was all I did.

Throughout the years I have studied in different formats that have been enlightening.

Here are a three:

Study in one Word
Find a word that calls to you. When I read the scriptures certain words will get my attention and I feel compelled to learn their meaning in more depth. Charity, for example, was my favorite! Fruit, water, fish, vessels, virtue, salt, light...and the list goes on.

This type of study is so deliciously fun! I studied the word Charity for an entire year. I honestly feel like I could have studied it even longer.

The other day I started studying the word feet  :) when I ran across the scripture "How beautiful are the feet upon the mountains of him that bring good tidings of good..."Isaiah 52:7 Then it went on to the washing of the feet and so forth. It gave perspective to a lot of scriptures.

Type of People
The scriptures are filled with groups and categories of people. These groups are interesting. I think we are meant to learn from their mistakes and their virtues. A while back I noticed there were certain people who who wanted to follow the Savior but didn't. I wanted to know what kept them from the path- These included: The young rich man, the seeds which were sown that did not grow, the people in Lehi's dream, Laman and Lemuel, someone that Paul taught who said that Paul might have "convinced him to be a Christian", even king Noah...the list goes on. These people are not in the scriptures by accident their stories are important to us.

One time I studied all the different people and ways in which Christ healed. How did they show their faith,  or did they? What were the methods in which Christ healed them? Again. I find a sliver of me in them as I am often broken. How can I be healed whether it is spiritually, mentally or simple flaws in my personality and so forth. If he cured the impossible can he not heal me or my children or my loved ones? Or when does the line of mortality end and we accept that the Savior healing will be in the eternities? These are questions that can be answered when our hearts are opened. I studied this as my father was dying of cancer. Although he was never healed, I saw great miracles occur.

Spiritual Nudges
Sometimes we may feel compelled to study a principle. Perhaps we have feel like we should learn more about pride, hope or family history. This is most likely a spiritual promoting. Go with this promoting. Great discovery awaits!

There are other ways of study. Remember President Nelson's challenge to read about Christ words when he was still Elder Nelson a few months back? Studying callings and roles (I have studied "mothers"). You can read the scriptures like a novel or simply listen to them. Read all about Covenants, Promises and Blessings (That will take a lifetime).

They are so wonderful! If accompanied with prayer and an open heart they become life changing and personal.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Meet Sister Wendy Watson Nelson!

On Tuesday we will hear a special announcement from our beloved Apostle President Russel M. Nelson.

I have always LOVED him!

There is no secret. No surprise. We know he will be the next President and therefore Prophet of our church. "We believe in apostles, prophets, pastors teachers, evangelists and so forth..." just in the days set up by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Not to detract from our sweet and pretty incredible soon-to-be prophet. I know there will be plenty of announcements, articles, thoughts and blog posts about him and his amazing life (did I mention he was a world renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, if you don't know this there is much to learn about him). But forgive me, I want to bring up his wife!!!


If you think that it wasn't possible that a world renowned cardiothoraic surgeon, apostle, soon-to-be prophet could have a suitable match you would BE WRONG!

He has had one, twice in fact. His first sweet wife Dantzel passed away in 2005. She and Elder Nelson had 10 children. One boy and NINE girls! Yep that is right! NINE girls!

Sister Nelson was an amazing person I wish I would have known more about her. From what I know she was a true hero. He talks about her tenderly and lovingly.

Wendy Watson Nelson married President Nelson in 2006. I first heard her speak at a regional conference on family history.

Before she began I thought she may be quiet soft spoken (Silly me, what was I thinking?) but from the moment she stood I realized I was very mistaken.

It is not that soft spoken is a bad thing but she was poised, confident, well educated but relate-able. Her talk was impactful, powerful and moved me to action on family history. I was sitting at the edge of my chair. Who does that with family history? Who was this woman? I thought.

She left me in awe. I knew little about her.

I heard Wendy speak a couple more times. Each time has been a delightful experience. I found more out about this powerhouse. A RN, A psychologist and Phd in Marriage and Family. A professor and Author and chair of women conferences.

When I heard that she was going to speak with Elder Nelson at a broadcast for a young adult fireside on marriage and family I didn't care that it was for young adults. I found the broadcast and I listened.

AND I WAS NOT DISSAPOINTED. She spoke like a LION! She was fierce and relentless at telling young married adults (and all adults) about what it takes to make a marriage successful. Her talk is not for the faint of heart. This woman is no cowardess. It makes me smile to think of it.

I listened to this while sitting at the airport waiting for a flight in Hawaii. I couldn't stop smiling. I kept thinking "Who is this woman?" "I want to tell the world about this woman." Elder Nelson's talk given at the same time was great, of course, as his talks always are but everyone already anticipates his talks will be excellent. I wanted to shout out to the world about hers as well.

Here is a link from that talk. Listen to it after you have fastened your spiritual seat belts and if it is an appropriate subject for you. The woman doesn't pull any spiritual punches. Oh she makes me smile. Seriously.

I look forward to seeing her in the future. As the wife of the prophet we will probably get the opportunity of hearing from her at different women's conferences (sounds like we would have any way she has been directing them for some time) and other types of broadcasts. It will be fun to hear from her more.

Sister Nelson has a book out that I can't wait to read it has a 21 day Challenge!!!

Here is what LDS living wrote about it

"In Covenant Keepers: Unlocking the Miracles God Wants for You, Sister Wendy Watson Nelson uses pure doctrine, and examples of those who have taken the Lord at His word and put His doctrine to the test, to offer us invigorating insights into our baptismal, sacramental, and temple covenants.
Sister Nelson invites us to consider how our covenants can help us with everything from loneliness and despair to boredom, meaninglessness, and feeling overwhelmed. She teaches us how we can ask for angels to help us and those we love; how our premortal covenants can help us make meaning out of the anguishing experiences of this mortal life; how the covenant of sacrifice and the covenant of service, and even the very words of our covenants, can give us access to power we may have been overlooking.
Encouraging us to participate in a 21-day experiment that changed the lives of stressed-out young mothers, Sister Nelson takes us behind the scenes into a most unexpected journey she personally has been on, sharing three truths that now compel her life."

Here are some delightful articles from her.
on being and Apostles wife -

When she was attacked but felt comfort:

Saturday, January 6, 2018


Today I had something happen that I thought was hard. I'll be honest it wasn't super hard. But in my mortal mind at the time I did feel it was hard.

I was driving out of the church parking lot in my car after the event and I cried out in part prayer, part complaint "Why does this have to be so hard?". I hadn't even taken a breath, and I mean that literally, when my car turned to face a house that sits out in front of the church. A woman sat in the window. She was bald, and sick. She wasn't facing the road but was sitting in the warm sunshine of the window. I have seen her husband caring for her in the past and pushing her in a wheelchair but I had forgotten about her.

In that moment my throat was still closed from my last uttered sentence of "Why does it have to be so hard?" I sat looking at her. My hands gripped the steering wheel of my car and she sat in plain view in front of me. 

I don't know her but I know of her. She is in my stake, a young mom fighting for her life against cancer. The heavens could have opened and sent either a lightening bolt or a bucket of ice water and it would have not gotten my attention and or the stab of pure regret from my words like I felt from this humble moment seeing this daughter of God and stealing only a glimpse of her "hard". 

It was a reprimand. Straight from a loving Father, who watches and knows what "hard" is. 

This week I have pondered "hard". I have pondered why people have certain trials. And this morning in my prayers and reading this scripture it seemed to relay peace to my soul. Normally I would have skipped right over it but for some reason the two sentences beginning to the end and accomplishing his works stuck out to me.

Nephi 9:6 "But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. 

He knows all things from the beginning to the end. He knows our hard.

His Son knows our hard. He suffered them too. A silent passenger to our sorrow, guilt, regret and pain.

Life's lessons were meant to be hard, back breaking and stretching. In our hard we are mended. In our hard we are reborn and created.

It has been several weeks since I wrote this post. I never published it until now out of respect for the privacy of this young mom who I still never knew personally.

I found out she passed away yesterday. Her brilliant mortal light has gone out.

I did decided to publish this post today in honor of her memory.

It goes to show that you never know who you can impact.

For example this woman helped to mend the breaking heart of me a stranger by simply sitting by her window enjoying the light. She put into perspective my hard. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

What Does Lehi's Dream Teach Us About The New Sunday Curriculum

"What desiresth thou?"

I am in the Relief Society Presidency in my ward and like many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I have been thinking about the Come Follow Me change in church curriculum for the 2018 year.

What will this look like?
Why this change?
How will this work?

I knew that this change was needed but it felt awkward and to be honest a little scary.

While thinking about this I found an interesting comparison in the Book of Mormon.
as I came across the account of Lehi's dream.

After Lehi shared his dream with his sons, Nephi prayed to know more about the meaning of his Father's dream. He was taken in a vision by the Holy Ghost, who was in the Image of a man, into a high mountain. The Spirit then teaches him. (1 Nephi 11)

Isn't it magnificent? Here we have the opportunity to learn how the Holy Ghost himself teaches- We get the opportunity in our church meetings to feel his influence but here we have the grand opportunity to see the Holy Ghost in action as a missionary and teacher and to observe his actual techniques! YES PLEASE!

The first thing the Holy Ghost does is he asks Nephi "What desirest thou?" (1 Nephi 11:2)

He doesn't stand and tell Nephi what he needs to hear, he doesn't suppose he knows what Nephi should hear, (even when he could, I am sure) but again he simply asks. "What desirest thou?" 

This gives Nephi an opportunity to be invested in the moment, to use his agency and to become part of the process.

Isn't this a more effective way of teaching? Isn't this more converting for the hearer?

The spirit then continues his teaching which usually starts with questions and Nephi continues to respond with answers.

This technique results in a constant feedback loop that helps Nephi understand the principles he learns.

The Spirit then asks Nephi another time "What desirest thou?" (1 Nephi 11:10) and the process continues. There is also rejoicing (1 Nephi 11:6), visual aids (a vision), and the use of scriptures (1 Nephi:13:20). There is also an invitation to act (1 Nephi 11:7).

So what does this have to do with the new Sunday Curriculum?

I believe everything! I will insert my thoughts in the examples below.

The First Sunday  - We "Counsel together about local responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges and make plans to act." - In short we ask..." What Desirest thou?" adding a topic to our sisters, brethren." and then we follow up with discussion, invitation and follow up.

The Second and Third Sundays - We "study recent general conference messages chosen by presidency or group leaders or, on occasion, by the bishop or stake president". In other words, there is no lesson manual but we do have the general conference messages. We are also counselled to follow the example of the spirit and ask questions and have discussions. We make it an interactive process as the Spirit did with Nephi. A constant feedback loop with those we teach. Leading with discussion.

(BTW- Just a side note ----I would love to see this be like a miniature book club with our sisters, except with conference addresses, to have them read and discuss the conference talks as they would a favorite book. Wouldn't that be great!)

The Forth Sunday-  The next few are all about the Sabbath Day! This will be so great!

With this new curriculum we are invited to use all of these elements displayed to us by the Spirit. specifically counseling and invitation.

I love this example of Nephi being tutored by the Spirit on how to teach in order to help others come closer to Christ and to be apart of the learning process. So often we hear fantastic examples of Christ teaching, which is what this curriculum is ALL ABOUT. But I loved this example and the feedback loop that is demonstrated here in the scripture with Nephi and his teacher. I believe we can apply it to the new curriculum.


Below is some information I give to my teachers on teaching a powerful lesson and keeping it interactive. If sisters and Brethren participate they can feel the spirit. These techniques have proven to be very effective in our classes. I thought I would share.

Teaching a Powerful Lesson- “Involving Sisters (and Brethren) In Lessons”

Main Goal: To give opportunities for sisters for feel the spirit and become converted to the gospel.

One of the most powerful ways to help our sisters feel the spirit is when we give them the opportunity to testify of truths of the gospel. When we do this, these truths are confirmed in their hearts by the Holy Ghost.

Ways to provide sister's opportunity to bare testimony
  • Ask questions- and wait for the answers. Make sure to wait past the moment of discomfort. Most sisters don’t want to be the first to speak up so they wait to see if anyone else will speak. If a teacher continues on because she feels uncomfortable with the silence we never get to hear from these sisters who hold back. Make peace with silence. Smile and wait. Rephrase the question if needed. Give these sisters an opportunity to speak up. (See quotes for examples of great questions).
  • Pair and share- Have sisters answer questions or discuss topics with one or two sisters sitting closest to them. This gives sisters an opportunity to feel included in the discussion without taking a forefront role. It also helps them to build friendships.
  • Write down thoughts- Ask sisters to write what they are thinking. You can ask them to write thoughts, goals or even letters to people. This gives them an opportunity to formulate thoughts in a non threatening way. Writing is also a form of bearing testimony.
  • Small group discussion-Splitting into groups to discuss questions is a great way to help sisters feel included and loved. Be aware of sisters with special needs who can not turn around or move or hear. Have mobile sisters move to the sisters that cannot move as easily.
  • Ask sisters in advance to share thoughts- Be careful with this because sisters tend to take large amounts of time when asked to prepare in advance even when you tell them only 1 minute. But this is a powerful way to help a sister ponder the topic of discussion and prime her mind for the truths of the lesson. It can also add variety to your lesson format.

  • Don’t “get to every part of the lesson” (It is okay to leave quotes unread, and sections uncovered. Follow the spirit and lean towards following the flow of the class. As sisters testify of principles of the gospel the spirit has the opportunity to confirm these truths to their heart's. Always pray for the spirit and listen to the promptings throughout the lesson. Lead the discussion as the instructor but follow the spirit.
  • “Over prepare but under deliver.” Always plan on delivering much less of the material then you have prepared. Over prepare for your spiritual benefit so you have a good digestion of the material but pray to follow the spirit in the classroom and plan on following the flow of the discussion and delivering much less of the material that you covered in preparation.  
  • Try to take on the position of group moderator, conversation guide or discussion leader instead of only teacher. Give sisters ample opportunity to discuss the lesson material and share personal experiences.
  • Stay with materials found on These include scriptures, lesson manuals, conference talks. When appropriate books by apostles or prophets can be used but other materials should be used with caution. You can mention them or things that you learned from them in personal study but they should not be the main focus of the lesson or be used in large sections. Talk with the relief society presidency if you have questions.
  • Include personal experiences. To see how the Lord has worked in your life is one of the most powerful things that you can share.

Quotes on teaching a powerful lesson:
“Never, and I mean never, give a lecture where there is no student participation.  A ‘talking head’ is the weakest form of class instruction. ... Ensure that there is abundant participation because that use of agency by a student authorizes the Holy Ghost to instruct. It also helps the student retain your message.  As students verbalize truths, they are confirmed in their souls and strengthen their personal testimonies” (Richard G. Scott, “To Understand and Live Truth,” Feb. 4, 2005).
“When you encourage students to raise their hand to respond to a question, they signify to the Holy Spirit their willingness to learn.  That use of moral agency will allow the Spirit to motivate and give them more powerful guidance during your time together. Participation allows individuals to experience being led by the Spirit. They learn to recognize and feel what spiritual guidance is. It is through the repeated process of feeling impressions, recording them, and obeying them that one learns to depend on the direction of the Spirit more than on communication through the five senses” (Richard G. Scott, “Helping Others to Be Spiritually Led,” August 11, 1998).
“Avoid ... the temptation to cover too much material, the temptation to stuff more into the hour – or more into the students – than they can possibly hold! .. We are teaching people, not subject matter per se; ... An unrushed atmosphere is absolutely essential if you are to have the Spirit of the Lord present in your class. ... Don’t try to do too much. ... If we can get one thing across, one idea, one principle, something sterling and significant ... be assured” (Elder Holland, W Leadership Training, 2007).
“For you teachers of the Church, the principal goal of your lessons is the conversion of hearts. The quality of a lesson is not measured by the number of new pieces of information that you give your students. It comes from your capacity to invite the presence of the Spirit and to motivate your students to make commitments” (Gérald Caussé, CR, Oct. 2008).
“Above all, testify to them. Love them. Bear your witness from the depths of your soul. It will be the most important thing you say to them in the entire hour, and it may save someone’s spiritual life. ... Never let your faith be difficult to detect. ... Avoid self-serving performance and vanity. Don’t try to dazzle everyone with how brilliant you are. Dazzle them with how brilliant the gospel is” (Elder Holland, Worldwide Leadership Training, 2007).
“The very process of formulating a question, raising a hand, asking a question and listening attentively is an expression of faith. This principle of seeking learning by faith invites individualized teaching by the Holy Ghost”  (David A. Bednar, Address to Australian Saints, April 2008).
“As teachers, we must require our students to think. ... After discussing each story, we were asked questions such as ‘What does that mean to you?’ ‘How does this scripture–or story or principle–relate to your life?’ ‘How can you apply this teaching in your home?’ ‘How do you feel about it?’ I found in my own home with my boys that once I asked these questions they began to live and feel what they were being taught” (Elder Robert D. Hales, “Teaching By Faith,” Feb. 1, 2002).

“To ask and to answer questions is at the heart of all learning and all teaching. The Master asked, answered, and sometimes chose not to answer questions in his ministry. ... Some questions invite inspiration. Great teachers ask those. Here is a question that might not invite inspiration:  ‘How is a true prophet recognized?’ That question invites an answer which is a list, drawn from memory of the scriptures and the words of living prophets. But we could also ask the question this way, with just a small difference: ‘When have you felt that you were in the presence of a prophet?’ That will invite individuals to search their memories for feelings. After asking, we might wisely wait for a moment before calling on someone to respond. Even those who do not speak will be thinking of spiritual experiences.  That will invite the Holy Ghost”(President Henry B. Eyring “The Lord Will Multiply the Harvest,” Feb. 6, 1998).

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The General Conference Store and more

Most of my posts are scriptural insights and how they apply to my family.

This one is not, rather it is my scheme of how I get 5 boys to sit quietly and attentively through all sessions of conference.

Conference is like a spiritual shower of knowledge. I LOVE CONFERENCE SO MUCH! I have always wanted my 5 boys to take part in this experience and enjoy it.

This conference Oct 2017 was AMAZING! Incredible!!! My 5 boys, who used to never want to watch conference with us, now do.

Conference used to be boring! I tried printing out packets, giving out candy and treats, doing puzzles, letting them play on devices (which was a bad idea all around) and more.

Nothing seemed to make my husband or I feel good and nothing seemed to keep them entertained and listening. We usually had re retrieve back to the room and try to convince them of the importance of conference.

It even was causing a little bit of stress between my husband and I who didn't agree on our methods of convincing them to watch conference.

And then it happened.

I saw it on a friend's facebook post.

"The conference store!!!"

This is how it works:

  • The night or week before conference I buy a few treats or treasures varying in size, and cost. 
  • For me I buy little candies, medium candy bars and a few toys (that are still only 1-2 dollar toys).
  • For every talk the children watch all the way through, they get a ticket. 
  • After all the conferences are over I set up the store.
  • They all bring their tickets into the conference store and buy what they want  store according to the number of tickets they have.

At first I wasn't sure if it was going to work, especially since none of the packets, crossword puzzles, bingo challenges had worked well in the past.

But boy did it work! And each conference it just got better.

The first conference it worked okay. They stayed mostly watching and were excited about the store. The earned lots of tickets but missed a few here and there. After the store bargaining was over the children who had missed a few talks really regretted their folly and were determined not to miss any talks the next conference, which they didn't.

Now every conference the boys listen to every session! 5 little boys, who just sit there! It's a miracle. They just listen. After each talk they will say, "Mom did you get me a ticket?" but that is it. They will even comment like this session one blurted out "Did he just say "flying serpents" while another couldn't believe all the evidence that showed that Joseph smith was a prophet. I love seeing them surprised or emotional in a talk. I love it when they laugh at jokes. It is so fun!

Now I know what you are thinking, or at least some of you (that have never had to bribe). You may have mixed feelings about bribing kids to listen to conference and that is okay. Don't do it!

Do what works for your family. This is only an idea.

I must say however, I have seen great things come from them staying and listening. They do listen and they recount everything, and we have formed great habits as a family. It is also becoming a new fun family tradition that they, and I look forward to.

We are on our fifth conference with a conference store and it has been great! It has worked well for my family!

I loved conference this session! There were so many treasures! I can't wait to do round two and relisten or reread! It was so fabulous!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hey Imperfect Moms, Remember When Mary Lost Jesus?

Do you ever feel like you aren't meeting the mark as a mom or a dad? That you have these perfect little children that deserve so much better and why in the world did the Lord give them to you to watch over, protect and raise when you don't measure up?

I sometimes think that.

In fact, I left one of my kids camping the other day. Who leaves one of their kids at a camp site? Apparently I do.

It was only for a moment and to my credit he was an older child who was in the car and jumped out at the last moment after my final head count, before we took off, after I returned from grabbing one last thing. We actually all had a good laugh about it afterwards.

 After we figured it out and as we circled back to the camps site my brother in law, Kevin who was still there, remarked half jokingly "You don't want to leave Tanner, he is a good one."

The comment made me think of how Mary and Joseph must have felt when they thought they lost the Son of God.

Can you imagine losing the Son of God?

Can you imagine?!!!

The weight and loss and the worry that they had to endure for 3 days (a number with great significance) as they searched for their little boy? This responsibility was so great and uniquely theirs and they had seemed to fail. The fate of the world hinged on their imperfect hands and they had fallen short of their responsibility and sought him sorrowing.

They must have felt condemned like Joseph Smith did when he lost the manuscript...except much more.

When they finally found the child Jesus, he gives them a message that I believe is also valuable to us as imperfect parents today "Wist ye not that I must be about my father's business?"

God does not give his perfect children (they all start perfect), to perfect parents. 

Even when they are lost, broken, hurt, it is part of the "the Father's business." It is part of the plan. We are part of the plan.

Our imperfections and striving to overcome our imperfections while raising our children, beautify and amplify this experience.

"Behold this is my work and my Glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Heavenly Fathers work isn't to make sure we have a cushy life, or a smooth sailing mortality, or that our kids do. That isn't his work. His work is to bring about our "immortality and eternal life" something that can only be brought to pass with a few rough edges, bruises and even lost kids.

It can happen when we learn to love another, one of God's children or our own children, so deeply as we love ourselves. As we watch others grow and care for them more than we care for ourselves. This is Charity.

Our children will get bumps and bruises along the way because we are on a ride together. We are imperfect and they are part of our ride. We try to protect them but we have to remember that even Mary and Joseph made mistakes and they were in charge of watching the Son of God.

Who are we to condemn anyone else when Mary and Joseph are the greatest mortal example in that God himself entrusted them with his son and even they fell short according to an outsiders standards in that they seemingly lost his child. In fact, if we are judging by how the kids turn out many parents in the scriptures fall short. It is an interesting phenomenon. Lehi, Zeniff, Mosiah, Alma. Even God the Father himself, an omniscient being, loses a third of his children. Why? because of agency. Being a parent doesn't mean you are a puppet master, being a parent means you are a guide.

Sometimes our children are lost, they get bruised, they get left, even when our hearts are right and we are doing our best. We need to remember that when we are doing our best it is all according our "Father's business." and part of the journey of mortality. We can take courage in that the most perfect of children even the Son of God was raised by imperfect parents.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to Serve, when you are the one being served

My 5 yr old neighbor was recently diagnosed with leukemia. There have been many people that have volunteered to help and who have tried to ease the burdens of the family financially.

I have thought about them and how they must feel with the out pouring of love and how hard it is to accept help and generosity.

Today in relief society my other neighbor who lives across the street shared feelings that she had over the last year. She had a baby who was very sick and was in and out of Primary Children's Hospital. This little baby girl eventually died due to complications since birth. This neighbor talked about how difficult it was for her not to serve others during this time when she had all hands on deck, mentally, physically and spiritually. It was out of her capacity to serve. She did say how gratefully she was for the service she received. She wondered if anyone had any ideas of how to serve when you feel like you can't serve.

Sometimes our struggles are a gift to others
Now I know it sounds like a cliche but the truth is that sometimes our struggles are a gift to others and the greatest service we can give to others is to simply let them serve us.

Now hear my out.

The greatest thing we can acquire in this life is the attribute or charity. Charity isn't something we do, or give but it is something we become. The scriptures are clear "If ye have not charity, ye are nothing!" "Even if you give your body to be burned" (Wow really?! Burned PAul?! Ouch) But have not charity ye are nothing!

Now when we have a hardship and our story compels others to feel the pure love of Christ in so much that they initiate action to do a service of some kind for us that is a great thing indeed. When others are moved upon by the spirit to do a charitable work they become closer to God and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ and feel of this God like love. This gift is bestowed upon them. We help other obtain the gift of charity by letting them serve us in our time in need. This is a very unique service indeed.

What they receive is not a simple meal, or encouragement or the ability to make it one more day like they have given us. What we do give them is an opportunity to become more like God and gain access to eternal blessings that they may not obtain without experiences such as this.

When we humble ourselves to let others serve us- We are servants of the most high and take his place in the scriptures as he has said "When ye are in the service of the least of these ye are only in the service of your God." What a powerful thing.

Sometimes it is harder to be served than to serve but if we have the perspective that this is also Gods work in saving and changing souls than we can rest easier in seeing others sacrifice for our behalf. We never want to enforce service of course but if we accept it when it has come our way then we will be blessed.

3 Unique Ways to Study the Scriptures

The scriptures are so fun to me. I love them! To read them front to back is only one way to study but really I feel like I would miss out ...